Snap Trees, Modular Tree Kit
snap trees

Snap trees are great! These plastic trees can be assembled to represent Coniferous or Deciduous Trees. They simply snap together in any order. Once assembled they can be trimmed. A coat of spray glue or rubber cement works to attach the foliage. Our "Insta-Foliage" makes them look great! Since they are modular, you can build them as tall as you want. A standard tree is about 4 inches tall making them perfect for HO gauge. However they work well for N and O gauges also! They come in three packages. A 6-pack, a 24-pack, and a 24-pack of our new large trees which come with extra sprues to make them bigger. They all are available with a bag of our "Insta Foliage" and all packages have instructions. View a flyer on our snap trees. Order your Snap trees today, click here.

Snap Trees 24 pack

An old tree

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