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Recently I came upon the computer pictured below. This is an antique Macintosh SE/30. I found this when I was volunteering to clean out a school building that was getting demolished. Sadly on top of it it had a tag that said "Please dispose". Certaintly you wouldn't want to throw this beauty out! I brought it home, plugged it in and turned on the switch... Instantly I got the magical chiming sound that Macintoshes make when they are turned on. It booted up to Mac OS 7.1 and within seconds it was opperating!

(Note the 15 on it, definately a school computer!)

The first thing I thought when I saw it sitting in the school is that "Hey, I could take that apart and see what's in it." So of course I did. This prooved a difficult task at first. As you can see below I had to anchor my hex-bit onto a rod to get it deep enough to reach the screws.

(The handy tool handcrafted by taking a wooden dowel and cutting a slot in it big enough to fit the hex-bit in)

(Just fits! Definatly the hardest part of taking apart the computer.)

(2 more screws on bottom)

After getting all 4 of these meddeling screws out, you simply lay it down and just lift the case off.

(Lift up the case)

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